EZFLON was created in 2008, specialized in technical products trading. We are active in a wide arey of fields such as  Food, Chemical, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Pharmacy or Brake lines for Motorcycles. Our company as knowledge in fluid transfer for corrosive, edible  or hot products thru lines mainly lined with PTFE but as well in Stainless Steel or Silicon.

We sell today Lined pipes, Hoses, Special Fittings or Graphite / Tantalum Heat Exchangers made by well known european or american manufacturers. Most of these products are designed, produced or assembled in Europe or USA. These manufacturers can guarantee a manufacturing quality, a follow up of their ranges and provide technological surveys of the markets. EZFLON is proud to promote their products in France & Europe and thru the world.

You will find on our website :

  • A full range of PTFE lined Flexible Hoses
  • Stainless Steel or Silicon Hoses,
  • PTFE lined pipes in both DIN or ANSI standards
  • Dry Disconnect Coupling or Dry Break Couplings
  • Silicon extruded profiles standard or custom made.

EZ FLON has today 2 main activities :

An industrial part towards factories or their subcontractors, handling or manufacturing corrosive, pure or edible products to supply them with special couplings, hoses, lined pipes or heat exchangers.

An activity for online sales of safety or tuning products for motorbike world. Brake line, fuel, oil  hoses for both road or competition use under the EZDRAULIX trade name.